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PPSLA-14 – 14” Heavy Duty Automatic Slicer


Standard Features:

  • Automatic high precision capacity and cutting, improved with 3 carriage speed and 3 stroke lengths (small-medium-large)
  • All functions for slice count, carriage speed control, stroke length control, start/hold/down control are integrated in a digital display and button panel
  • Double powerful motors to drive this slicer device, one motor (1/2 HP, 370watts) drives blade, another motor (2/3 HP, 450watts) drives stroke moving
  • 14” and 13” special alloy knife (Rasspe@, high quality brand made in Italy), longer lasting and easier to sharpen
  • Heavy duty slicer for full capacity at cheese slicing, all day-long duty slicing, slicing volume rate range at 37-62 slices per minute.
  • Easier switch between automatic slice model to manual slice mode
  • High quality reliable structure at base, frame and carriage, include: stainless steel bottom base, anodized aluminum frame base and carriage
  • Plastic free structure at this slicer: stainless steel material at index knob, carriage handle and feet
  • Top mounted metal knife sharpener with two stones for a razor sharp cutting edge
  • High quality stainless steel index knob control gets to 9/16” (14mm) precision slice thickness adjustment
  • Knife cover interlock prevents slicer from operating without knife cover in place
  • Sealed splash zones for added sanitation and seamless edges and radius corners
  • Large square food receiving plate
  • Big carriage angle 42°, full gravity feed food chute
  • Power switch secures no voltage release preventing inadvertent reactivation of slicer in the event of power or interlock interruption